The world I wish for

Photo: Setting Sun Reflecting on Lake.

I wish for a world where we understand what it means to be human as a species among other species, without the pretext of superiority. I wish for a world adapted to our social and emotional needs, and not the dominant economic theory. I wish for a world where our most adaptive traits—empathy and creative self-expression—are given ample opportunities to thrive. I wish for a world aware of the desire for status, yet keeps this drive in check through healthy competition constrained by the needs of communal life.

In the world I wish for, no child will be abused, molested, or neglected. In the world I wish for, it will be questioned if society is sane before a person is labeled mentally ill. In the world I wish for, the compulsion to violence startles the would-be offender to seek help, and there are supportive people waiting to give help effectively and non-judgmentally. In the world I wish for, both people and society are seen as the origins of violence, so assigning blame loses its appeal as a makeshift solution. In the world I wish for, peace is a practice rather than an ideal.

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  1. Sharon Anne says:

    This is the world I wish for, too. You have put it into words before I could get to it. (and I’ve been thinking about it since the election!) I was going to tell you which phrase I loved the best, but everything you said is so well written. Thank you so much!

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