A bit of kindling for Hestia’s fire


I am in the process of moving my office to another room in my home. I’ve been going through folders and boxes of paper, some of it I can’t remember why I saved. But I am also finding a few gems, like the notes below that I took at the 5th San Francisco Mayor’s Summit for Women, back in 2003. I am still inspired, and hope their words buoy your spirit as well, regardless of your gender.

Each of us is responsible for our own fate. Rely on all parts of yourself, even what you’ve marked as failure. For every success, there is failure. Accept this.

If your past was tragic, it has made you a survivor. Blossom no matter what has happened to you.

And don’t try to be happy. From unhappiness comes strength and insight. Just be you.

Chin-Ning Chu, author of Working Woman’s Art of War


Power concedes nothing without demands.

Even good change threatens.

When you start exercising your power, there will be less reason to feel afraid.

Take the next step now; move outside your circle of comfort.

Patricia Ireland, Former President of the National Organization for Women (NOW)


Never be totally dependent on another human being for your income.

Pay attention to the things you accumulate, because they will tie you down.

Don’t spend your life putting everyone else first. Take care of you.

Honorable Ann W. Richards


Mothers are natural politicians. Any mother who can successfully get 2 kids to share 1 cookie, or stop a couple of kids from fighting in the backseat while driving, has the skills of a politician.

Have fun during your fight for freedom! (An example: The mooning of the Ku Klux Klan by over 2000 Austin citizens during the Klan’s march on Congress Avenue.)

 —Political Satirist Molly Ivins


It took Rosa Parks sitting down to get Martin Luther King Jr. to stand up.

Don’t be afraid to be a voice in the wilderness.


You can do the work of God, no matter how weak you feel.

—Marian Wright Edelman, President and Founder of Children’s Defense Fund


Set your own agenda.

Get clear about your goals.

Just because you are confronted, doesn’t mean you have to change.

To be a leader, you must be willing to stand alone.

—Dr. Joycelyn Elders, M.D.

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