The revolution found within

HOWL! © 2015 Laura K Kerr, PhD. All rights reserved

In trauma healing, there is often an effort to create a more bounded existence — a life not struggling with uncontrollable reactions to trauma triggers or the avoidance of them (and instead living within the window of tolerance). However, this shouldn’t be confused with losing the capacity to live freely and openly in one’s mind. For some of us, the rollercoaster of traumatic stress is part of life, and a wild ride indeed. It has it’s own life lessons. But when minimized, the quietude that emerges allows for deep listening to the mind within.

Then this original mind, as Natalie Goldberg calls it, is more readily discerned, and I believe there is greater opportunity for the expression of one’s greatest talents:

“We each are endowed with original mind, which is like a river under the visible river, unconditioned, the immediate point where our clear consciousness meets the vast unknown; yet we’ve blown smoke screens to cloud it. Fake images, false illusions. When Allen Ginsberg sat down one night in his twenties to write what was really on his mind, he replaced the rhymed poesy he’d learned from his father and from school. That decision was the beginning of one of the most famous poems in our language [HOWL]. Imagine! the power of writing what’s truly on your mind. What you really, see, think, and feel. Rather than what you are told you should think, see, and feel. It causes a revolution — or at the very least, a damn fine poem.”

Natalie Goldberg, Old Friend from Far Away

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