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For over twenty years I have written, lectured, and taught about the social, biological, and psychological aspects of trauma & mental illness. I have argued for mental health reform and practiced Jungian and trauma-focused psychotherapy.

Currently I am working on a book about the origins of misogyny and gendered violence, which is the foundation for an explanation of what it takes to recover from sexual abuse. My focus is healing psychological fragmentation, avoiding revictimization, as well as lessening the impact of scapegoating and alienation that are universal aspects of all forms of gendered violence.  I have been calling this project The Ambivalent Goddesses.

I cover many subjects on this website, including

  • Improving mental health services and creating trauma-informed systems of care
  • Social & environmental contributors to mental illness and traumatic stress
  • Depth psychology, with an emphasis on CG Jung’s analytical psychology
  • The evolution of emotions, dissociation, and the imaginal (dreams, fantasies & imagination)
  • Relationship between trauma and creativity
  • Psychological and social toll of violence 
  • Grief and loss
  • Suicide

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member-logo (1)I received my PhD from the Stanford University School of Education with concentrations in philosophy and symbolic systems. I have been affiliated with the Beatrice M. Bain Research Group at University of California, Berkeley, the Institute for Research on Women & Gender at Stanford University, and taught at Stanford University. I have over 20 years experience with academic editing, including editing with V. Y Mudimbe and Pere Gode Iwele The Normal and Its Orders: Reading Georges Canguilhem (Editions Malaïka, 2007). Currently I am a reviewer for The Permanente Journal (mental health topics), the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, and  the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma.

You can find out more about my scholarly activities on my Writing page, where I share a list of publications and include pdf versions of published articles, and on my Speaking page, which lists the international, national, and regional presentations, workshops, and teaching I have done. You can also find some of my blog posts at ACES Too High, Social Justice Solutions, DxSummitBeyond Meds and Heal My PTSD

For several years I practiced psychotherapy, specializing in the treatment of trauma. My approach was greatly influenced by my training with the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in their mindfulness-based and somatic-focused form of psychotherapy that works with the neurobiological effects of trauma. I went on to assist the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute Level I training offered in Berkeley CA, which focuses on affect dysregulation, survival defenses, and traumatic memory, as well as assisting the Level II training (also in Berkeley), which focuses on emotional processing, meaning making, and attachment repair. I have also studied in depth and used in my role as psychotherapist CG Jung’s analytical psychology, attachment theory, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

I can be contacted through LinkedIn.


  • PhD, Stanford University School of Education, Symbolic Systems & Philosophy
  • MA, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Counseling Psychology
  • MA, University of Cincinnati, Philosophy
  • MS, University of Michigan, Atmospheric Science
  • BS, Texas State University, San Marcos, Physics, summa cum laude